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  7. This is something I have struggled with for years. There are excuses and there are reasons. There are reasons why we are fat, lazy, poor or unsuccessful. The trick is not to turn these reasons into excuses. The third part of the paradigm is responsibility. This is the most difficult part. Taking responsibility for the situation in which we find ourselves, whatever the reason, whoever’s fault it is, is the road to salvation.Mike Garner recently posted..

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  10. memg lah..tp org sekarang ni merayakan halloween untuk suka2..ramai org barat ikut mcmtu psl suka2 sdngkan perayaan ni hanya disambut oleh org US..tp Uk dan australia pun amik budaya ni..mcm bersanding,berinai..adat hindu tp kita still ikut.

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  16. Glad to hear you’re doing well. I think the issues you brought up are right on the money and often overlooked. I think of managed health care as an investment. If the country is unhealthy, everything else will deteriorate (economy, income, ability to work, invest and attain wealth). There’s so many successful models out there. Australia has one of the best. I hope? here in Canada we come to manage ours more like they do.

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  21. It is a good news because Korea admitted that there is a dispute between Korea and Japan. If there is a dispute, why don’t the two countries discuss about the matter? If the discussion dosen’t resolve the dispute, the two must go to international society. This may be a good chance to bring Korea to ICJ.

  22. Thanks StuartI agree that they need to form a consistent mapping between their belief system and their understandings of how the system operates.Lemmings! That is why I linked to the Wikipedia article – some light relief!But the financial market lemmings definitely took us over the cliff!best wishesbill

  23. too latetraitorous members of congressthe palestinian people are about to retake the dawnthe unity of the arab/islamic world guarantees itand there you’ll be, out on that proverbial limbwith law enforcement in hot pursuit -“Members of the jury, in the case of former Senator Joseph Lieberman,”for having enabled the settler-entity israel in its crimes against humanity, what is your verdict?”“Guilty as charged, your honor”

  24. I am so sorry Viktor, as always you did your best for Biscuit as you do all the other animals that are lucky enough to meet you. We lost our very old cat last Friday but she had a happy long life and your advise helped me to keep her going for a bit longer.Run, skip and jump at the Bridge sweet Biscuit knowing that you have left a big hole in all out hearts, specially Viktors and his families xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  25. I personally have been writing my congressman regarding this issue. Several times I have written him and I have gotten a response from each. I have encouraged him to pursue this to the fullest. I cannot fathom why Holder hasn’t been charged with contempt of congress, there is irrefutable proof that he has misled and lied to congress on several occasions regarding his knowledge of OFF. I would encourage all of my fellow TTAG readers to do the same. For every one letter or email they receive there are thousands of constituents who feel the same way.

  26. Spoozy – no worries man. Glad to see you back. They can look good worn casually, but only on some people, mainly blue collar workers. With my slim fit jeans, i would look weird with them on.Anonymous – very true, if only they slimmed down that sole, it would be a great shoe!

  27. the Facebook members were contradicting themselves.“Why should we make people of colour assimilate to the white Australian culture, when in fact Indigenous people were the first people here,” she said…."But Dr Pedersen said Australia was already a multicultural society and had been for a long time.“It’s just that we’re not white anymore, walk down the streets, we’re not a white city anymore and thank god we’re not, “ she said."

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  29. vinco : je dirais oui mais bon Warner au UK par exemple, a déjà mis du français sur un disque 3D d’un film mais pas sur le disque 2D du même film…Donc est-ce que ça serait pareil ici (sauf que là c’est l’inverse entre 3D et 2D) ?A voir, je ne préfère pas te dire « sûr que y »aura du FR à 100% sur l’édition 3D ». Si j’arrive à trouver l’information, je te le ferai savoir

  30. sprucing up a summer space with nature, good towels, bowls of fruit, summer scented candles and plenty of fluids, flip flops and fancy snacks —-makes me want my own summer place to add a zest of freshness. a journal and art supplies are also nice to bring.pve

  31. A belated congratulations on the 1st anniversary. I'm so pleased that you started your own blog. You have so much to say that is worth reading. I've received an education here, and not just on the subject of art.By the way, MadPriest is a different person in real life than he is on his blog. Just sayin'.

  32. Thank you for your nice words when you visited my blog! I'm glad you stopped by. I love this peanut butter and chocolate pudding you made. Although, I can see what you mean about the ingredients being rather sweet, it sure is the perfect combination. It looks beautiful in the glass layered so nicely. I am a new follower, and I am looking forward to getting to know you and your blog!

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  36. uuuu mi niño aun es muy peke.. tiene 2 años.. ccreo qe sera todo un picaso, precisamente me acaba de rayar una vez mas las paredes 🙁 .. creo que algun dia no muy lejano me vere como ustedes en las mismas de no querer soltar las cositas jeje.. mi marido neee bueno al menos si se interesa por saber que hago 🙂 y con eso me conformo siempre esta que hiciste y para que es esa herramienta que puedes hacer con ella jeje..tu hija vaya qe tiene toke le kedo super 🙂 saludos!!

  37. celine dion. other artist i like better, but her voice any day.frank cinatra. can’t help it. i’m obsessed with the man. different favorites for other genres though. ugh. i don’t like this game. i feel the need to defend everything.conversation in the car last night…(me) “jack, who is your favorite artist?”(5 second til response)(jack) “my dad.”(0 seconds in between)“but i have to say that.”(me) “right, ok who is your second favorite?”(0 second response)(jack) “my mom.”

  38. Hi Amanda, thanks for stopping by and your sweet comment. You have some very pretty decorations also. The red walls helps to make everything even more festive. Beautiful tree too. Now, on my garland…i have a small area of wood that I have nails in to hold my garland, I hope that helps. Blessings, Debbie

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  40. i smiled all the way through reading this post, how wonderfully sweet of jon! the cabinet is beautiful.my mum did that to me too this year, hiding away a present (a pair of denim and velvet jeans. size six, but they fit me like a dream!) after saying it was out of stock, though she only bought it a couple of days before christmas. i did have a little idea that's what she had done, hehe. i was rather good at acting surprised on christmas day though. bless my mum. xx

  41. You jinxed your very high rate of civil and thoughtful posters by speaking of it. Both “Don’t get me wrong”, and “Lest I be misunderstood” would do better being misunderstood. They display an agressive contempt for their alleged intellectual inferiors which Mencius has not once done.

  42. fisher cats are easy to catch with the right method. A trapper from my place caught 37 one winter . fishers come around my place cuz i live by a farm and ppl getting rid of their cats thinking they will be ok living here are mistaking . the fisher comes around every 2 weeks. i hear him crying almost every time he attacks an animal. OH by the way they make this sound just before attacking a prey ( ive seen it happen). The best thing to do for your pet is to get him in the house before dark. OR hire a professional trapper.

  43. Oh, looking forward to your review of this one! I tend to freak myself out with horror stories, but I love reading them nonetheless:) I’m hoping to get a lot of reading done over the holidays, so I think a trip to the bookstore is in order:)Jenny recently posted..

  44. I usually don’t comment much on this section because I don’t know much about kids, but just be careful with the thumb sucking! I know she’s still young so it’s not a big deal now, but I can tell you from experience that if you don’t break the habit early it is hard to break and it can lead to an overbite! I just don’t want her beautiful smile to be ruined!

  45. if wasnt for Jesus ,,,no one on earth would give a hoot in hell about “israel”…on top of that most of todays “jews” have zero link to the former bible type country..israel.

  46. Sawyer's selection is from , by . It is interesting in that it shows that the policy of allowing Jews back into England was basically the progressive thing, for its day, motivated by the most radical left-wing progressive Christian notions of its time. There was great excitement in London during the discussion on the admission of the Jews, and popular feeling was much divided. … Cromwell's followers, and the Republicans in general, were for the admission; Royalists and Papists, therefore, who were secretly or openly his enemies, were opposed to the proposal.This doesn't seem like support for the anti-Jew contingent here.

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  50. Hi Joakim — our photographs are free and you can use them for any of your projects on the web. You are allowed to copy, distribute, and adapt our images. DO NOT use our photos in a stand alone manner and DO NOT sell our photos. Good luck with your projects!

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  56. That was actually really fun, MM, particularly in the wake of the day-long foul mood brought on by 12 hours of unrelenting Obamavision in my mother-in-law’s kitchen. Was just cursing you for ruining what would have been an otherwise mildly inspiring teevee spectacle without providing any sustenance to replace what’s gone. So, thanks. It is as if I have been abruptly informed that the fast food I was raised on is actually pretty poisonous, but my informant didn’t really describe how to find anything really worth eating.

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  58. Jeg kan godt forstå din uro. jeg har vel tenkt litt i samme gate som deg på dette temaet.Synes det er flott du klarer å være så åpen om dette. Føler du det hjelper litt?? Tar det litt av toppene av uroligheten?Klem:)

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  61. Thanks so much Teek! I’ll be in touch offline!! You are welcome to use the store, or the school just north of the store. I am sure my friends at Lincoln Academy would want to help too. You guys are awesome!! Thanks to you too Kathy!!

  62. Nice work. I don't think you nailed it though. We'll have to wait for that study to see what the real story is, both with the percentages and age of East Eurasian admixture.I see no reason why it should be recent, if non-Arctic Amerindians are closer to West Eurasians because of it (vs. Chukchi and Koryak even!). If it was recent, then we'd see Arctic Amerindians and Siberians being closer.Also, I still think the Sub-Saharan f4 percentages from that last study were fine. You’re just ideologically opposed to the outcome. Time to get over it.

  63. Tadeu Mendes disse:Celso,E melhor sonhar acordados do que morrer dormindo.Parece que voce nao entende absolutamente nada de geopolitica militar.Quem esta sonhando e voce. Nao discordo das necessidades de investimento na infraestrutura do pais, mas quanto mais o pais avanca economicamente, mais se torna alvo da cobica alheia.

  64. The real mystery is why white Americans so passively accepted 'affirmative action' After all it sits rather badly with 'rugged idividualism' and 'home of the free and the brave'. Even the peoples of communist ruled eastern and central Europe during the worst excesses of Stalinism wouldn't have put up with that shit for one second. How can anyone explain to me the madness of the majority and supposedly dominant population supposedly voting itself into second-class citizen status? – I've heard of collective madness (a la Nietzsce), but never madness on that scale. I'm not an American, by the way.

  65. こんばんは。お気持ちお察しいたします…でも、でもですね。義母で良かったのでは?とも思うのですよ。何故なら、私は実母がそんな感じの嫌ぁ~な女だったもので…そういう人には、何をやっても何を言ってもどんなに心を尽くしても、気に入られる事はありません。もはや人として救いようの無い、可哀想な物体なんです。それに、財産目当て!教養の無い嫁!と言うのなら、むしろ喜んで距離を置けるじゃないですか。「財産なんてどうでもいいです。 ご存命中にどうぞご自分で全部お使いになって下さいな♪ もし要介護になってこんな出来の悪い嫁に面倒看られるよりは、 高価な介護サービスの方がお義母様も良いでしょう?」「十三回忌?教養も常識もさしたる面識も無い私が行っても、 故人も喜ばないでしょうし、ご迷惑になるだけですよね~? お義母様に恥をかかせてしまいますので、ご遠慮しておきます♪」この様に開き直ってしまって、何とかご自身の気持ちと未来を切り替えられると良いですね。【過去と他人は変えられない】と言いますからね。

  66. I very rarely use soap and it is awesome. My hair doesn’t do well with nothing but water (or at least, I haven’t had the patience to let it detox) but I have done the baking soda/vinegar thing before and am thinking of switching back to it. I also wash my hands with soap, but only because I lack the patience to wash for a full 30 seconds to one minutes with just water (which is as effective as washing with soap).

  67. Now way, Keith, I’m just standing on the shoulders of greats (all who give of themselves to let me chat with them on my Porch!). [But, thanks nonetheless.]Great to see you – I wish you a great holiday season!~xo

  68. Greed and the resultant sustaining of a wealth cycle increasingly created out of nothing tangible, word inventions, caused the current collapse. Wealth and power is a pyramid scheme and geometric in shape. Deals are made along the way by an ever decreasing amount of individuals, as the smaller, weaker and less ruthless are bought out of the cycle. This results in an ever increasing concentration of wealth and power with an ever diminishing agenda of self and peer aggrandizement. Call their bluff-pull out the rug!

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  71. last night, a real leader would have gone over to Pau and said “Kobe is down tonight; we have to pick him up and dominate.” Against a hugely undersized Nuggets team, there’s simply no reason Andrew can’t routinely get 20 rebounds and 5 blocks. It’s not like his running mate on the front line is gobbling up all the boards (thank you, Pau, for your 3 rebounds last night). Drew has just quit on this team, and he’s getting rightly destroyed for it.

  72. “danse sexuelle” mais mon ami c’est que l’Afrique la n’est pas? faite pour toi hein. ce n’est pas notre faute toutes nos danses ont besoin que le corps s’exprime ainsi…et puis d’ailleurs ça ne te sert a rien de les rabaisser coté éducation…elles sont aussi bien dans leur domaine que toi dans le tien…pffff

  73. I purchased this product after reading an article in First for Women magazine. Doctor Oz disclosed that he uses coffee extract and raspberry ketones to help boost his metabolism. It did nothing for me (and I even purchased a second bottle thinking that I didn’t give it enough time to get into my system). Again; I need to stop being unrealistic with my expectation of the products that I purchase.

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  158. VC…thanks for the insight. You are right, the product is the bottom line. But I do think the Devils have done everything possible to make this an attractive building. And from Seton Hall’s standpoint, I think the building will improve Seton Hall’s product by providing a small but palpable boost in recruiting.

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  165. Hey you did what i think you had to do….. at least you never kick and box him down ,which some parent would have done. The truth is sometimes we have to do those stuff and they don’t even realise how much it hurt us to do it … i suggest that you follow it up with a likkle reasoning with him one day when he in a better mood cause, i think he needs to have the seed of understanding planted… at least that is what i do… and i really try not to use the belt even tho’ the threat does surface more times.

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  197. Best damn piece I've read on the current topic this weekend. Unfortunately I can see the likes of Bloomberg and his ilk bending over to kiss the ground rather then defending our constitution and the 1st amendment. Its good to see Americans waking up and speaking out against our agressors.

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  206. You ARE a Glamour Puss, in both of those dresses. You could start a column for the lifestyle section of a newspaper called "Sewing While Sloshed". I would have got up early for that dress too–I love the beaded details. I hadn't seen that video before, and all I can say is that the next time you have a rave at your house, can I come over?