Built for Anglers, By Anglers

Where luxury meets practicality.

Venture boats aren’t just boats. Rather, they are strategically designed vessels engineered to meet your needs, both from a use and a comfort standpoint. Our yachts are built to be powerful and durable, but also comfortable and luxurious. Our list of standard features includes many items other companies consider options. That’s because we have a unique understanding of what sports fishermen are after and the features every luxury boat should have.

When it comes to options, we think about things that make your experience better. Tired of navigating stairs when you’re trying to chase a fish to the bow? We can outfit your boat with a single level deck. Have a favorite spot farther off shore? An optional 100 gallons of extra fuel capacity is available, giving you even more range. Our dry storage is engineered to keep your gear drier than the competitors’ options, while our live well systems are available in a number of configurations to meet your needs. The point is, our boats are not only designed to be powerful, luxurious and beautiful — but useable as well.